Lelu Web Designing offers versatile web solutions, which are the most beneficial to our customers. We are very proud of our brilliant designer team and their amazing level of professional perfection. Based in Kerala,India.

Versatility is our forte; we make use of varied server languages according to whatever medium best suits all the requirements of your operations. Then we combine it with the best design solutions. Our design solutions are marked by creativity and originality of concepts, making the user interface on your website not only easy to use, but infinitely more attractive.

From designing an eye-catching look and feel for your site, to developing it in a way that gives it a perfect professional touch; from submitting the website on the major search engines and web directories; to promoting it in order to make the global audience want to visit the site. From spreading the idea of your Website and your business in the multidimensional world of E-Commerce and internet markets; to provide the surfers ease of navigation, downloading, online shopping, and knowledge of the latest news about your business. From providing the best quality of service at the most affordable rates; to converting the investment of time, money and faith that you have made on web services; to boost your profits and popularity… Lelu Web Designing always supports you by taking care of every part of your web presence.

In the dynamic group that we are, ideas are valued, first and foremost. While technical finesse backs up all our endeavors, we're here to listen to what you want, and give you just that. In this ever-growing virtual world, there's enough space for everybody, but not enough acclaim and attention. We help you achieve that. We understand the importance of making your presence felt in the virtual world, and that can be achieved by having a sound and attractive portal that’s always at your service.

Our team is a combination of open source programming geeks, community and product specialists, and top-notch user interface designers. We work on our own suite of open source products for fellow open source developers and on client’s products and ideas if they pique our interest. We also spend time incubating and developing our very own pet projects.

“Design doesn't mean that every person gonna like, love it . but that's the creativity of those eye which creates something different.” ― Bijay Chetri


Aaron Fernandas

"Lelu web design centre worked together to help design a beautiful site that met the needs of my business and met the aesthetic design requirements of four very different business owners—which is no small feat. They took the identity that our business has created and helped us to create a relevant, usable, and productive site. The level of communication and cooperation was above and beyond anything that we had experienced with their competitors.”

Alaqua John

“Due to the interactive nature of my relationship with Leluservices,
I now have a website that accurately reflects both the culture and nature of my business.
I look forward to a continued relationship with Lelu web design centre to meet the changing needs of my company and to maintain technologically current website.”

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Abhilash D Mathoor


Rajesh Markose


Angel Mary John


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